“The Model Bill of Rights for Older Adults” outlines basic steps necessary to ensure the full participation of older adults in court proceedings. This document may be displayed in law offices, legal help centers, courtrooms, or other locations where older adults are interacting with the legal system. Click here for a .pdf print version of this page. PDF Link to Print Version of Model Bill of Rights

The Model Bill of Rights for Older Adults

End Elder Abuse. Protect the Safety, Health and Well-Being of Older Adults.

Access To Justice

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The right to be heard at all proceedings to which one is a party, including electronically or by telephonic communications.
  • The right to a guardian ad litem or legal guardian when the appropriate legal standard is met.

Access To Barrier Free Accomodations

  • The right to mobility in the courthouse.
  • The right to preservation of health and safety through the use of medical equipment and assistive devices within the courthouse.
  • The right to be accompanied by an aide, nurse, or other support.
  • The right to a reasonable wait time.
  • The right to information regarding wait times and proceeding length.
  • The right to assistance with logistical difficulties created by wait time.
  • The right to an appropriate and immediate response in a medical emergency through appropriate training or court staff

Access to Information

  • The right to access available legal resources.
  • The right to information and services for people who experience neglect; physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse; or financial exploitation.
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